Business Intelligence Solutions – The InfoTrove way.

InfoTrove first seeks to understand the customer's business needs, then design and build a solution that meets those information needs. This is done by developing an understanding of the business and then focusing Microsoft Analysis Services and other tools on presenting key performance indicators in a way that empowers the Business Decision Maker.

A Business Solution from InfoTrove is making it possible for a company, its partners and suppliers to collect, integrate, and organize data through the computing platform. Knowledge workers now have the necessary tools and services on desktops (and other devices, including mobile phones and PDAs) which allow them to perform their own analysis and reporting, giving them the power to act on results in near real-time. These end users need access to enterprise data so that they can be empowered to make quick decisions.

A comprehensive Business Intelligence solution from InfoTrove supports that goal, and does not lock you into an inflexible, expensive to alter, difficult to maneuver system. It gives you the correct information precisely when you need it in order to make the right decisions and let your customer KNOW that you know they are the lifeblood of your organization.

InfoTrove helps you to enable the agility by first building a dependable solution. Our analysts and business developers build a solution makes economic sense to its users. Our solution will help your organization to increase productivity, allowing your people to work quicker and easier than ever before, allowing them to make fast accurate decisions that are the foundation of your agility. An ideal Business Intelligence solution from InfoTrove will not only allow powerful analysis but will deliver tailored information at the precise time of need, allowing your people to be effective, efficient and productive.

In order to enable true business intelligence your various systems need to be connected, integrated and compatible with existing infrastructure. We try to help you leverage your existing IT Infrastructure without burdening you with expensive upgrades.

A Business Intelligence solution form InfoTrove will increase the value of your business to your customer. You are able to react to their needs quickly and accurately with the exact products and services they are looking for, before your competition. These customers can be your internal business units who look to you for much needed services and applications, or they can be the final end user whom your entire organization relies on for sustenance. Most often, it's a mixture of both. These four components will help you increase the value to your customer regardless of who they are.

Once you've increased the value to your customer, you have increased the value of your business.

Taking a look at the returns you can realize we see that dependable system with the best economics brings you a strong Return on IT.

An increased productivity brings you a return on your People, Connectedness brings you a return on Business Processes and increased customer value brings you a return on your Relationships (both internal and external).

Leading to a strong foundation of Business Agility.