What is Business Intelligence? It is simply…making better decisions.

Executives want to take action, without spending more time on cumbersome research or analysis. Data and information that is disperse and non co-related becomes unusable unless it is presented in an actionable, valuable, accessible, consistent, reliable and accurate manner.

The different sources of data that exist in the enterprise can often be fragmented. The data is housed in multiple data warehouses, a variety of formats, and it becomes hard to extract reports or summary information from without special tools and trained staff. InfoTrove takes the burden of data extraction, data mining and report building from the end user.

A Business Intelligence solution from InfoTrove provides a holistic overview of your business:

  • It allows you to monitors and provides visibility into the financial and operational health of an organization.
  • It regulates the operations of the organization.
  • It allows the company to quickly identify trends to be proactive and agile, outpacing the competition

Metrics SmallTraditionally, business intelligence has been the domain of IT and marketing research specialists who extract data, process it, and deliver report to an executive-level decision maker. But today, organizations are retooling this approach as business intelligence is transforming into a strategic enterprise application. And as Bill Gates accurately points out, the methods by which companies gather, manage, and use information will separate the winners from the losers.

Business intelligence tools can take company's far beyond the limits of disparate data warehouses and cumbersome methods of extraction. Microsoft's platform - combined with our custom built applications elevate BI to a technology that any end user can work with easily to make decisions.

A lot organizations today suffer from the inability to effectiveness analyze their business metrics.

Common problems include:

  • The inability of knowledge workers to get the information they need to make decisions quickly. There may be lots of data around in the organization but not the format that decision makers need,
  • Or if they get the reports they need, there's conflicting or missing information,
  • Or it may take a long time to get the data they need b/c they need to request the report from another group who's primary job is not to create reports,
  • Or in some cases, only top management has access to the information - yet knowledge workers at every level need information to do their jobs.

Business Intelligence gives you an overview of your whole business. It enables your organization to anticipate and capitalize on opportunities fast. It allows you to monitor key indicators of organizational health and regulate key operations. It enables you to identify trends and be proactive rather than at the mercy of the marketplace or your competition. The end result is that you gain competitive advantage by being proactive and making better, informed decisions.

Agile BusinessRetail

  • Gathering information at the point of sale.
  • Fraud detection, shrinkage and loss prevention.
  • Cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.
  • Identify changing customer buying habits
Sales and Marketing
  • Customer Relationship Management.
  • Identifying most effective salespeople.
  • Identifying most effective products
  • Human Resources.
  • Knowledge Management.
  • Web hit and usage tracking.
An organization's results are driven by the quality of decisions made by ALL of its employees InfoTrove, with its experience is a company that has the vision, products and platform to deliver on this promise.