Ten Reasons to Upgrade Your Microsoft Business Intelligence Reporting Systems


Your business environment faces new challenges every day. When you upgrade your Microsoft® SQL Server® and Business Intelligence systems, you gain greater control over your Business Intelligence Reporting and enjoy increases in reliability, adaptability and performance that were not available until now.  At InfoTrove, because we believe upgrading to MS SQL Server 2005 or 2008 saves you time and money and protects your critical business assets, we’ve compiled ten compelling reasons to help you decide if upgrading is right for you.

#1 – Protect your business – ensure it is running on a fully-supported database version.
Microsoft ended mainstream support for MS SQL Server 2000 on April 08, 2008.  While extended support from Microsoft is available until April 08, 2013, IT and Business Intelligence (BI) professionals are migrating their skill sets to focus on MS SQL Server 2005 and 2008.

This means the mind share available to support MS SQL Server 2000 is dwindling rapidly, which can put your BI capabilities and critical data at risk. Finding knowledgeable support technologists will become increasingly difficult–and much more costly.
You can read more about Microsoft’s Support Life-Cycle Policies at http://www.microsoft.com/sql/support/lifecycle.mspx

#2 – Achieve better insights into your business with the next generation of analytics.

MS SQL Server 2005 and 2008, along with the MS BI stack, enable you to set up andSQLServer_Upgrade_BI_Dashboard monitor your key performance indicators. Now you can view your quarterly revenues, units sold, AR-aging and other valuable metrics with visually rich, interactive dashboards and scorecards, which provide up-to-date access to your information and actionable data points. Driven by back-end database server technology, your critical business data is managed more reliably and scales smoothly to adapt as your business changes and grows. Click here for more samples of dashboards and scorecards.

#3 – Make business decisions proactively.

An inclusive server-based Data Mining feature set will permit information discovery to support proactive business decision making. And because they’re server-based, these enhancements increase your systems’ reliability, decrease development efforts and reduce human error.

#4 – Provide real-time Business Intelligence to your users.

Now you can make decisions with the most up-to-date information, instead of waiting for a daily, weekly or monthly report.  MS SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services, in concert with other MS SQL Server 2005 features, provides a number of capabilities that make business intelligence available to all your end users–in real time.

#5 – Keep pace with the rapid changes of Globalization.

Requirements for today’s global business environment are handled by new multilingual solutions and currency support–right out of the box.  For companies with international operations, these features dramatically reduce development time and accelerate implementing and managing information in languages with complex character sets, including Chinese, Japanese, European, Arabic and more.

#6 – Get detailed information – when you need it – with more robust reporting.

SQLServer_Upgrade_RptingServices_DashboardEnable users to gain insight quickly into complex sets of data with enhanced graphic displays and visualization capabilities, including charts, graphs and drill-down functionality. You also can render reports easily to Microsoft Word®.

Business users can build ad-hoc reports easily and create reports through Report Designer with any structure.  When users create their own reports, you reduce dependencies on your critical IT resources. Click here to view more compelling reports

#7 – Enjoy superior, previously unavailable performance with Optimized Memory Management.

MS SQL Server 2005 and 2008 manage memory and other critical server resources much more efficiently than SQL Server 2000, which dramatically boosts your platform’s performance.

#8 – Increase your developers’ productivity.

Close alignment with Microsoft Visual Studio®, one of the world’s most popular development solutions, provides your developers with a tightly-integrated and intuitive environment for designing, developing and deploying your database applications.  Additionally, source-control features are built-in to ensure more reliable and maintainable code.

#9 –Transform data from your online systems to the BI database with highly-scalable tools.

MS SQL Server 2005 and 2008 bring enterprise-class extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) tools that were unavailable in SQL Server 2000.  ETL provides the full range of features along with significant boosts in performance necessary to build and support enterprise-class data warehouse and BI solutions.

#10 – Enable your administrators to stay on top of your BI systems with automation and monitoring tools.

With a unified management console, your BI administrators enjoy complete, centralized control over your BI systems at all times.  New capabilities provide performance monitoring, high availability, and disaster recovery of your critical BI solutions. As the responsibilities of your BI administrators expand, these automated tools introduce more consistency, and they boost administrators’ productivity for handling frequent tasks.

Before you upgrade, get the details.

The impact of an upgrade on your operations depends on your current configuration, as well as the MS SQL Server features that suit your business requirements.  Many upgrades take only several hours, while others require more planning and deployment effort. We invite you to contact us for a confidential discussion of your business needs.

For more information or a demo call us today at 508-532-1180 or e-mail us at info@infotrove.com.

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